Age of Empires II: Age of Kings
Age of Empires II: Age of Kings
Play Age of Empires II online for free at Voobly. Voobly has released a free and powerful patch for download called Age of Empires II 3.0 that includes HD resolution support, the only anti-cheat for Empires II, and many more features!

Age of Empires II (AOE2) is the first sequel to the original game known as Age of Empires. The game was created in 1999 and was the dawn of a new era for gamers. Age of Empires II multiplayer has been played online for over 10 years between MSN Zone, IGZones, and Voobly. Voobly also supports Age of Empires II Expansion called Age of Empires II: The Conquerors. Both games still have many online players. New players are discovering about Age of Empires II multiplayer on Voobly everyday.
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Age of Empires II: Age of Kings Phòng

Tên phòngNgười chơi OnlineXếp hạng
Main Lobby 1 Random Map, Death Match, Castle Blood, Custom Scenario, Match Stats Only, Overall
Tournament Lobby 0 Unrated

Gold Translation

TeamTên phòngNgười chơi Online

s1L3nT [s1L3nT]
AoK New Players Lobby 0

Voobly Tournament Committee CS [VCOM CS]
VCOM AoK Tournaments 0
Dân số hiện tại:
Word Association (22 Người chơi)
Roulette Blood (17 Người chơi)
Photos of Voobly Players (13 Người chơi)
Custom Scenario Choices (13 Người chơi)
[TyRanT]slam's Profile (12 Người chơi)
Sheep vs Wolf 2 mod GUIDE (11 Người chơi)
CS - Overall S2 (11 Người chơi)
Plan for June (10 Người chơi)
CBA PathBlood 1.4.4 (10 Người chơi)
PUBG Mod for AoC (10 Người chơi)
Chủ đề tích cực nhất tuần qua:
Roulette Blood (43 Bài viết)
PUBG Mod for AoC (20 Bài viết)
[sT]v[300] CS CLAN WAR (13 Bài viết)
RTS-Sanctuary Down? (8 Bài viết)
CBA PathBlood 1.4.4 (8 Bài viết)
Bow down to the king (6 Bài viết)
CS - Overall S2 (4 Bài viết)