If you get a kill by trigger, the Advanced Statistics will update its value, however if you lose a kill by trigger, the value won't change.

It does not affects most maps, but It caused a huge problem in my map CBA PathBlood.
For example, if you kill an own/allied unit with Onager, you won't get kills in this map, but the Advanced Statistics counter will add these unfair kills too.
It can be easily solved by detecting if a player kills own/allied objects and take away these kills form the player with triggers.
The problem is, the Advanced Statistics counter won't update if a player loses kills.
It applies to Razings amount too.

I made and example scenario for better understand:

At 5th sec, player 1 gets 5 kills from gaya.
Now the kill counter will chage to 5.
At 10 sec, player 1 loses 5 kills, but the counter won't update its value to 0, it will stay at 5 kills.

I did not add Advanced Statistics to my map just because of this bug.
Could you fix this counter to update not only if a player gets kills/razings, but if loses kills/razings too?
Maybe adding "Units lost" counter would be also useful in custom scenario maps.

Thanks in advance.
Advanced statistics bug.scx (file size: 682 B)