Does this MOD already exist?


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Does the ability to filter games within the client exist already?

For Example:
I only wanted to see games that were *ONLY* 15xx+, not full, RATED, ETC...



that kinda thing...

If that confuses some maybe if i reference most sites on internet.. For instance YOUTUBE.... When you search for a video you get options to narrow down results, if you'd like.. So if decided, I can make results show only videos that are shorter than 4 minutes or longer than 20 minutes, etc... Uploaded today, this week, last year, etc....

Does a MOD exist to give me a filter that will completely hide some of the games? Maybe ability to completely hide unranked games? or give me the ability to hide games that don't interest me at all?

I don't see the ability within the client which really baffles me since it's such a common thing in almost every website on the internet. Like most people depend on filters to not waste their time which is where I feel I'm at on Voobly... Surely I am overlooking it or its available in a MOD or theme?

Hopefully I am not looking over it and it's already available.... Seems like a no brainer it would be here somewhere...
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Mods are content that change your gaming experience either by visual appeals or by altering the way the game file works. What you are asking for is not a mod (never can be), but more of a client feature that does not exist yet. The feature may be added in future.

Either way its best to post such threads in the suggestions forum.
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you can use SORT BY option?

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